Since April 2022, Agile Comms has worked with CityLets, a prominent local lettings agency, helping them enrich their communications through the use of a flexible hosted phone system (Unified Communications) solution.


CityLets manages a large and diverse portfolio of properties and requires reliable communications to handle tenant inquiries, property management, and client interactions seamlessly. Their pre-existing phone infrastructure was outdated, causing communication bottlenecks and inefficiencies. CityLets needed a modern solution that could adapt to their demanding dynamic requirements, including remote working capabilities and scalability to support future growth.


Recognising CityLets’ unique needs, Agile Comms proposed a cloud phone system that would address their challenges and optimise their communication processes. The collaboration began with an in-depth consultation to understand CityLets’ workflow and identify specific pain points.


Agile Comms then implemented a cloud-based hosted phone system that offered CityLets the flexibility and scalability they needed. The new system integrated seamlessly with the firm’s operations, enabling benefits such as:


Remote Accessibility: Through the use of mobile and desktop apps, employees at the local lettings agent can now manage calls and access voicemails from any location, improving responsiveness and efficiency, enhancing availability and limiting stress. 


Scalability: The new flexible phone system and simple contract can easily accommodate fluctuations in user numbers and call volumes during peak times or business expansion. This is particularly useful when work is seasonal and the team can often change shape and size.


Advanced Call Handling: In this competitive market, client experience is crucial. With the new phone system, CityLets has gained a competitive advantage as they can intelligently route calls efficiently to the appropriate departments or agents, reducing wait times for clients.


Call Recording: Included as standard, the calls in and out of the business are recorded and available on demand should the need arise. In busy environments like this, quick access to recent conversations can be hugely beneficial.


The partnership between Agile Comms and CityLets has yielded significant improvements in communication efficiency and customer service. The CityLets team now experiences streamlined workflows and reduced downtime due to improved call-handling capabilities and tenants and clients receive faster responses and better communication with Citylets’ staff.


James Deacon, Managing Director of CityLets said:


“We are thrilled with the transformation brought about by Agile Comms’ hosted phone system. It has empowered our team to work more efficiently and deliver exceptional service to our clients. The flexibility and reliability of the system have exceeded our expectations.”


The successful implementation of the hosted phone system marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between Agile Comms and CityLets. Agile Comms remains committed to providing ongoing support and scaling the solution to meet CityLets’ evolving needs as they continue to grow.


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