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One of our favourite and our most popular telephone system solutions is CallSwitch. A hosted ‘Unified Communications’ phone system developed by British company Telco Switch. Our clients love the platform because it’s intuitive, easy to use and very flexible.

Here are my 5 favourite features of CallSwitch.

  1. The Mobile App

For a lot of people, work has become much less of a place, and more of an activity. Hybrid and flexible working practices have accelerated post-pandemic and organisations need staff to communicate on the go.

The mobile app from CallSwitch is really simple. It gives people the ability to make, take, transfer and manage work calls, through their landline numbers, on the go! Inbound and outbound calls behave themselves properly because they are running through the main company phone system, but the endpoint can be carried around with you in your pocket!


  1. The ability to quickly select your outbound caller ID

This is really neat. If your business has more than one number (which they often do!) the system can be set up to select which number you present when dialing out.

There are few obvious use cases for this. I, for example might want to present our business main number, rather than my own personal Direct Dial number – or I might be calling from a particular department, location or team and should the call be returned, I want that group to respond.


  1. The fact all calls are recorded, as standard.

This can feel a bit ‘big brother’, but it’s actually an incredibly useful tool.

Years ago, call recording was prohibitively expensive for lots of small businesses, but with systems like CallSwitch it’s included! Our system maintains a 90-day archive of all inbound and outbound calls.

Some clients like this for dispute resolution or for call ‘post-mortem’, others like to train and coach their staff – and listening back to calls can really help.

  1. The simple integration with loads of different software.

Everyone is busier than ever, and increasingly dependent on technology. We speak to a lot of organisations who are frustrated that technology services don’t talk to each other.

CallSwitch integrates quickly with a huge list of software, including most mainstream CRM platforms. It also works with Microsoft Teams when staff would prefer to make and take their calls there.


  1. The simple and flexible contracts

Telecoms companies notoriously trap organisations into long, complicated and frustrating contracts. It just isn’t necessary anymore and in a time when things can rapidly change, offers no flexibility.

The short-term contracts provided by modern tech companies like Telco Switch mean that reviews can happen when required and organisations can keep suppliers (like us) accountable to a good service.



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