Business telecoms experts Agile Comms have launched a new, dynamic client feedback mechanism which they believe will enhance the experience of users throughout the UK.

The company, which launched in 2021 to challenge the telecommunications market and provide freedom to clients rather than handcuffing them into inflexible contracts, has taken things further by partnering with a leading survey specialist to enable its clients to provide real time feedback on the service they get.

Agile Comms has teamed up with market-leading customer engagement firm Insight6, using their feedback tool Instant Insight, to introduce a bespoke feedback programme to cover post-installations and monthly surveys to ensure they continue to deliver high levels of service and support.

The new initiative continues Agile’s mission to reshape the industry by giving its clients access to flexible systems, contracts and services – just like they are used to with their other business services arrangements.

Explaining their latest innovation, Agile Comms director Ollie Jackman said:

“As a fast growth company with thousands of users, it is critical that we deliver on our promises. Our model of shorter contracts means more accountability for us rather than hiding behind tedious ticketing and relying on the fact that clients are tied in. We’ve always said that we need to not just be different, we need to be better – this move shows our commitment to that.”

Fellow Agile Comms director James Fisher commented:

Tech is one of those things people quietly tolerate issues with. Whilst positive feedback is great and rewarding, the bigger opportunity for us is in the negative feedback. It’s vital for staying on top of our game, listening carefully to our clients and shaping agile solutions for them.”  

Rhian Huxtable, customer experience specialist at Insight6 said:

It has been a real pleasure to work with the guys at Agile to put in place live feedback which will enable them to further enhance the experience of their clients.”