The communications services we provide are designed to be deliberately straightforward and flexible. They include Unified Communications (Telephone System) Solutions, Business Mobile Contracts and Internet Connectivity Services. We’ve always been eager to keep our client experience slick and simple.


When setting up our billing and administrative systems, we were keen to invest in the best online portal for our clients, so that they can effectively manage their systems and services with us, on-demand. Business owners and managers are busier than ever, and often want information or administrative access on their terms, when it suits them, quickly.


The Agile Portal we’ve provisioned will continue to evolve, but we proud to showcase the already-comprehensive capabilities to our diverse range of clients. Every client, big or small, has a log in and can administrate their services in a way that suits them.


Accessing a portal and making administrative changes isn’t right for everyone or every task and we do, of course, still encourage clients to call us and chat whenever they like with any requests or concerns.



The Agile Portal has proven very popular so far, and gives our clients access to:

  • Reporting: Comprehensive and detailed breakdown of usage on all services
  • Invoicing: Detailed, itemized and comprehensive billing information, including unbilled usage.
  • Self-Service: Quickly manage your services online. Includes options like changing user or site details, requesting SIM changes, add/remove alerts, updating cost centres etc.


You can also export and download any of the billing or usage information for your own records.


It’s easy to use and another way we’re keeping things slick, efficient and simple for our clients. We’ll be happy to show how it works if you’re interested in any of our services.


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