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Is it human nature to make things more complicated than they need to be?

The world of telecoms can be a confusing place. In our experience though, it’s often made more complicated than it needs to be.

The industry is often viewed as a fast-moving world, with a perceived pressure to keep up with the latest technology innovations. This often leaves people confused and uncertain about what’s best for their business. Telecoms can be a daunting minefield of buzzwords and acronyms so understanding the (often conflicting) advice can be hard work.

We’ve noticed the confusion around innovation can cause either impulsive and inappropriate technology investments, or complete apathy towards it. For an example of the latter, we’ve recently been speaking with a law firm who operate 5 or 6 small offices. They still have traditional phone systems on the wall in each. The advice they’ve had is frustratingly inconsistent and it feels easier (and less risky) to do nothing! It seems a huge shame that they’ve not felt able to enhance their communications services despite some issues with their current setup and an established appetite to make things better.


Our advice, wherever possible, tends to be to keep things simple. We like to start by getting back to basics.

When we work with an organisation, it’s crucial that we can start from the ground up. First; exploring the basic communications requirements of that business. We examine the inbound, outbound and internal communications habits, behaviors, successes and failures of the business before then carefully considering what might help that business improve and whether any of our services are appropriate.

It sounds simple, but it means we don’t need to rush our prospects and customers into technology services that don’t fit.

Ill fitting technology can be a big hindrance to business. Our short term contracts make us accountable for successful project implementation and means the correct fit is just as important to our growing business as it is to our customers’.

We challenge the trends of our industry and offer our customers the freedom to use, change and drop technology on their terms.


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