Mobile Phone

When you’re busy at work, you want to be as connected as possible, but when you aren’t working the last thing you want is business contacts interrupting your free time.


With teams now distributed more than ever, making sure your business quickly answers calls and responds to tasks is harder. Did you know though, that 85% of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back!

When it comes to productivity in business, nothing beats the humble smartphone. It’s incredible to think how responsive, engaged and mobile we can be with the use of modern technology.

It’s just as well: with ever-decreasing levels of patience and heightened expectations in our competitive world, staff need to respond fast and have the information required, at their fingertips.



So, use your mobile – big deal.


The problem then is that people want to keep their personal lives separate from work. They want to be unavailable in the evenings and at the weekend. And they don’t want business contacts to have their mobile number – that seems fair enough.

Whether you’re a lawyer, a teacher, a care worker or any other professional, you probably don’t want your own mobile number out in the wild for your business contacts to call when you’re not working.


Withholding the number isn’t a great answer either, because no one wants to answer a call from a withheld number.


We’ve noticed this comes up a lot in conversation lately. It might because we’re all trying to build a solid new routine to suit our post-pandemic work styles. It might just be #NewYearNewMe.


The answer is often pretty simple: UC Mobile Apps!


Using our modern cloud Unified Communications (UC) service will equip staff with the option of a slick, simple mobile app. Users can make and take calls through the work phone system, on their landline numbers, from the personal or business mobile device that they already have with them.


Not only that, but they will also be able to take advantage of the full extent of the phone system so transferring, conferencing and parking calls is a breeze.


The business benefits too as all the calls can be tracked, supervised and recorded and you don’t need to worry about staff members using their personal numbers with your clients and business contacts and the potential misuse.


It’s simple and cost effective, and if it’s not something you can already do, then perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your phone system.


Give us a shout if you’d like to know more or see it in action!