When Lloyd & Whyte Group were investigating mobile phone services, they were looking for a simple, flexible service that could grow and change with their expanding userbase. The business mobile service from Agile Comms fulfils their requirements with versatile 30-day contracts on multiple networks and speedy personable support for deployment, management and changes.


Lloyd & Whyte Group is an ambitious financial services firm with a selection of industry specialist financial planning and insurance service providers. The multi-award-winning organisation has long-standing accreditations and partnerships with some of the most prestigious healthcare organisations in the UK, and champions positive and supportive company culture.


As a fast growing business, it was evident that existing mobile partnerships (based on long-term ‘sticky’ contracts) were outdated and unsuitable. The team at Lloyd & Whyte had begun to notice the productivity implications of the mixed providers, as well as the growing burdensome administrative and billing overheads.


Moving the mobiles to a simple, more flexible contract was an obvious choice but one that has been carefully planned and considered. Only migrating numbers as existing mobile agreements come to an end to reduce the cost of change. As the organisation grows, new numbers are deployed quickly – either with new handsets or SIM only for use with existing equipment.


Responsive and personable support from Agile Comms means that the team at Lloyd & Whyte can ask for support and changes when required, in the knowledge they will get a quick service. Ideal for the team, especially with some members of staff who regularly travel abroad for work. The self-service administration portal gives quick access to services, requests and billing. The team can handle regular operational tasks like SIM Swaps on demand.


Stephanie Truman, Chief Operating Officer of Lloyd & Whyte said:

“Agile Comms provides a service from multiple networks, allowing our people to have the best network coverage with the back office administration remaining simple. Ollie and James excel at devising solutions most suitable to our needs.

Customer service is everything and with Agile Comms I can easily speak with someone who will take personal responsibility for my query.

They are a true partner and trust provider to the Group.”


If you’d like to learn more about our business mobile services or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team!