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Hybrid working. It’s now a pretty familiar story. Accelerated by lockdown and embraced by workers, hybrid working can have a hugely positive impact on business productivity and staff wellbeing. International street performance agency, Fool’s Paradise, chose to implement a CallSwitch Unified Communications solution from Agile Comms to complete their migration to a more flexible working model.

The world of performing arts can be turbulent, but Fool’s Paradise have grown a leading reputation for outdoor performance, covering a wide range of styles across the world. Whether it’s music, drama, comedy or storytelling, they manage the booking, logistics and delivery. It’s a busy and exciting business!

When discussions started it was clear to Agile that the fixed, legacy telephone system previously in place in the Fool’s Paradise Exeter office was a hindrance to the more flexible working style the team at had embraced during lockdown. The organisation has always been dependent on telephone calls, with a large portion of enquiries and client contact using the phone lines. Regularly, only one member of the team is in the office and faced the (often heavy) burden of managing all the calls! Not only was that burdensome to that member of staff, it also meant calls were being missed and staff were having to reluctantly give away their mobile numbers.

By implementing the CallSwitch Unified Communications solution the team can now make, take and manage (transfer, conference, record etc) calls from any location using their existing landline numbers. They have the option to use the telephone system from their computer, smartphone or more traditional telephone hardware. This means that, no matter where or how they choose to work, their customer communications can continue seamlessly and they now never miss a call!

Ollie Jackman, Director at Agile Comms said:

At Agile Comms, one of the reasons we chose to partner with the brilliant CallSwitch solution was because it offers a comprehensive service, whilst being incredibly simple and intuitive to use. This reduces the training burden and helps our clients enjoy the flexibility it offers quickly!

We’re delighted to see the team At Fool’s Paradise quickly embrace the new technology.

Jo Burgess, Director at Fool’s Paradise said:

We had a great system in our office but now we have moved over to hybrid working, this meant that whoever was working in the office had to take all the phone calls. It also meant that anybody working from home had to use their own mobiles or land lines.

Agile Comms made the system sound simple, which it is, and offered the short-term contract, which is much better for us. It’s wonderful. We took a few days to get used to things but it is so intuitive and easy to use that it did not take long. It means that we never miss a call now.