One global pandemic, two lockdowns and a furlough scheme. Between them, these three things were enough to bring some UK businesses to their knees but the ‘bounce back’ was essential and here at Agile Comms we played our part in that.

We help businesses adapt their comms for a modern and very different world. Helping clients tackle the new issues in front of them, enabling them to communicate internally with their own teams and supporting them as they look to improve communications with their customers.

One such company was imployable: An innovative, Plymouthbased recruitment company started by two former Royal Marines, who have created and launched a market changing app. As the lockdown kicked in, the company struggled with tasks such as answering calls, having them diverted and team communication.

Getting the Agile team in, enabled them to get their comms back on track. The installation of a brand-new system immediately improved internal communications. Flexible home working suddenly started to work much better and the innovative CallSwitch app meant that all essential communication could be handled on existing personal phones and laptops, without the costly investment of new hardware for everyone. This new ‘Agile’ way of working also signals the end of additional upgrade costs as things develop and move on.

Commenting on the new system, imployable Director, Anna Kelly said: “I would absolutely recommend Agile to anyone. The move from our previous provider was incredibly straight forward and we suffered no interruptions with our service whatsoever. James from Agile handled everything personally. We were kept up to date with all progress, the training he took us through was spot on and the company’s after sales service has meant that overall, the transition has been excellent.”

After everything was completed, James from Agile Comms commented: “If you consider that imployable are doing something fairly disruptive in the recruitment industry, then they really require a free-wheeling comms contract that reflects the modern service that they offer and the very different world that they now operate in. We delivered that and much more and we’re pleased to have played our small part in their continued success in that.”