AOSS Case Study Asset

Last year, Adam and his business partner Matthew launched their business – A. Older Safety Solutions (AOSS) – providing tailored health and safety services to a broad range of businesses across the country. 

With tons of experience, the pair of entrepreneurs set up the company and quickly started to win consultancy and training work. After a timely introduction, Agile then supplied a professional, flexible and scalable 8×8 hosted phone system solution for the young business. 


Adam and Matthew live at opposite ends of the country and wanted to make sure this wasn’t a challenge for their start-up business. It’s vital that their contacts and clients get a quick response and seamless experience communicating with them. The pair were also keen to maintain a healthy division between business communications and personal communications to preserve a suitable work-life balance – a challenge in any start-up!


After discussing these requirements, Agile Comms recommended and installed a flexible 8×8 cloud phone system – perfect for a business wanting to keep personal commuications separate and maintain effective communication across distance . The 8×8 system installed is a market leader in Unified Communications


For AOSS, the 8×8 phone system runs from an intuitive mobile app, which allows them both to make, take and manage ‘landline’ calls in and out of the business from their smartphones. By managing call handling and availability, the pair can make sure inbound opportunities aren’t missed whilst maintaining a professional experience for clients. Each of them can handle inbound enquiries and make quick transfers or conferences at the touch of a button. Crucially, they can also update their status so DND at any time so they can be undisturbed when required. 


In any young business, technology needs to be simple and cost-effective. It also needs to be scalable. AOSS are regularly winning business and will soon be growing the team to cater for increased demand and the 8×8 solution will scale and adapt to suit them, wherever they are based. 


As standard, all their calls are recorded on the new platform, which provides reassurance that any conflict or confusion can be resolved effectively. 


Ollie Jackman, Director at Agile Comms said: 

‘We enjoy working with enterprising young originations like AOSS. Obviously it’s a position we are familiar with and our hosted voice services suit the requirements really well. Thrilled to be working with AOSS.’


Adam Older, Director at AO Safety said: 

‘We wanted to keep our mobile numbers separate from the business and be able to pass calls to each other and have clear closing times.  Agile Comms have been great – very easy to communicate with and help with any issues when and if they arise. If and when I am asked who I use I would guide the straight to Ollie and his team.’


Here at Agile, we are always delighted to help new and growing businesses implement positive change and benefit from more effective and streamlined communications. If you would like to know more about how our range of services can help your business, including our Unified Communications solutions, please get in touch with us today.