The Most Expensive, Cheapest iPhone Ever?

Last night Apple launched a new iPhone SE at £419 which surprised many expecting an aggressively priced, super low-cost unit.  It’s certainly more than the £399 asked for the previous SE model back in 2020, so is this reasonable?  I think so.  The new SE has seriously upgraded internals, including the same processer as found in the brilliant current-gen iPhone 13.  It also has an improved camera and possibly most importantly, 5G.

What Does This Mean For Business Users?

A lot of people like Apple phones – if you hand one of those people an iOS device to work with, they are immediately going to get value and drive productivity on that device through familiarity.  Apple make this easier with support for enterprise software – at Agile, we’re enabled to do so much mobile work on an iPhone using Outlook and Office 365 which look and perform great in iOS.

However, content is getting bigger and to work this seamlessly we expect desktop performance on our phones, anywhere.  And this is where 5G comes in so files you usually access on a fixed connection in the office, appear just as quickly on a mobile device.  Manipulating those files will be smoother thanks to the iPhone 13’s processor.

Whats Bad About It?

Well, it doesn’t look like the most cutting-edge device, and you can source an Android unit that looks more current for less. But I’d question how well those cheaper Android devices will enable those familiar with Apple and iOS to work productively.

The nearest priced, comparable performance full-fat iPhone is the iPhone 13 mini, at £679, so the new SE at £419 potentially enables you to get the most from the people on your team who know Apple and iOS, at a lower cost.