With an increasingly distributed workforce, and an ever-growing pressure on productivity, you need to make sure your team has the tools to communicate professionally, wherever they are, without letting compliance and control slip. 

Fixed Mobile Convergence, otherwise known as FMC, promises to deliver a completely seamless integration between fixed and mobile communications devices. Fundamentally, the idea of FMC isn’t new. Mobile twinning and smartphone Unified Communication applications have been around for a while now and have helped maintain communication services on the road and remotely, but what we are seeing now is the streamlining and simplification of fixed mobile communication. 

Your staff need to work on the go, and they don’t want to carry a second ‘work’ mobile. 

You need to make sure communications performance is managed and supervised effectively and that when staff leave, they don’t take your contact book with them. 

You need to make sure mobility doesn’t undermine your compliance and regulation obligations. 

Modern fixed mobile convergence solutions provide the facility to run a SIM card as a SIP endpoint, extending your phone system solution to your mobile staff without burdening them with a second device. Without the need for an app or complex twinning, modern fixed mobile convergence solutions provide all the features of a business landline, but through the mobile voice network.

  • Make and take calls from your business landline number
  • Transfer calls to colleagues or 3rd parties and create ad-hoc conferences
  • Run hunt groups, auto-attendants, and queues
  • Meet compliance and supervision requirements with certified call recording and call reporting 

At Agile, we know the opportunities this creates for distributed workforces and can help you understand and consider the impact in your business. We can also provide the opportunity to try it without burdensome, complicated contracts. 

Simple, affordable, and agile technology to help your organisation thrive.